Preparation For Moab!

Photo by ikick/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ikick/iStock / Getty Images

On Wednesday I am heading to Moab for what is going to be an amazing adventure with Chasing Epic and Alexander of Singletrack Sampler.  I am totally stoked as this is going to be completely different than the riding I have been doing in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.  The only slickrock we have is a small loop in DuPont and I am guessing Moab will be a dusty mess instead of the wet rock we have had this winter/spring so learning that surface will be entertaining I am sure.

I have been gearing up for this trip since I decided to do it in December.  I knew my fitness was not going to be good enough for 4 days of 15-30 miles and 1500+ of elevation a day and didn't want to be that guy that holds the group back.  So I put myself through the wringer and rode Pisgah and DuPont almost exclusively for a few months to gain the fitness quickly.  I made sure to climb, climb, climb to make sure I can hang.

Now I am comfortably at the point that I can ride 1500-3000' feet of elevation over 15-20 miles multiple times a week and hit a downhill park on the weekend and still have some in the tank. 

Our itineary looks amazing.  We will be hitting all the epic rides in Moab.

Day 1 - Chisholm to Navajo Rocks

Day 2- The Whole Enchilada (UPS Down) plus Pipedream

Day 3 - North Klondike AM, Bartlett Wash PM

Day 4 - Amasa Back Trails (Hymasa, Ahab, Pothole Arch)

This will also be the first time on a trail bike that is not my Motobecane Team Fantom 6x6.  I will be riding a Spot Rollick.  It will be interesting to ride a different bike for sure as I have only ridden my trail bike and my newly acquired Transition TR500 DH bike.  I believe the Spot will have an Eagle on it so it will be nice to have such a large gear ratio compared to my 34/42 combo that gets me in trouble sometimes due to the lack of ratio but it is great for getting in shape!

Look back later this week for some more posts and some unedited video of the epicness of Moab!