Introduction: Bikes and Beers?

First off I would like to welcome everyone to my blog and hope your 2018 is going to be as amazing as I hope mine will be.  

I am George Greiner, a 35-year-old, database consultant, fitness aficionado, beach volleyball player, craft beer lover and a mountain biker.  After many years of playing beach volleyball, I have decided to take a break and transition into mountain biking as my main hobby and would like to share my journey with you all and hope that if you already don't have an affinity for mountain biking that you will get one.

I have some goals set that involve my newest infatuation. Those goals are to bike at least 2500 miles which will be tracked by Strava, go to a couple of clinics to learn proper cornering, jumping and whatever else they can teach so I can send it to the best of my abilities. I will also participate in at least one race be that enduro, downhill or possibly XC.

So why mountain biking?  Mountain biking is incredibly freeing; it brings me back to my roots in nature as I am an Eagle Scout and spent many days in the woods, it can be done solo if needed and the people are amazing.

Here in the upstate of South Carolina, I have access to some killer places to shred within 2 hours such as Pisgah, Bent Creek, DuPont, Fire Trail System in Cherokee, Paris Mountain, Bailey Mountain Bike Park just to name a few.  

I am fortunate enough to be in a position to bike whenever I want due to my current career choices and hope to go on a journey from a beginner (less than 400 miles logged) to a skilled rider over the course of the next couple years.  I have already ridden most of the trails in Pisgah, Bent Creek, Dupont and had some crazy adventures while doing so.  


New Belgium


What about the craft beer you ask?  Well, mountain biking and beer are synonymous, and here in the Carolinas, we have craft breweries everywhere with more opening up all the time.  After shredding I always hit up a brewery, bike shop/bar or some event that has beer flowing, and I will review those places when I hit them up and try a new beer post ride which I will rate on Untappd.

A few other things I may write about on this blog will include fitness and of course beards! I have been on quite the fitness journey since I  moved here to South Carolina 3 years ago.  I was overweight even though I exercised frequently and am now free from that due to now understanding how to eat properly and it is a passion of mine to spread the word on how food works.  That understanding has now allowed me the freedom to eat and drink beer without having to worry about gaining weight.  With that said I also lift weights a few days a week and have reshaped my body over the last two years.  A little effort and a lot of science go a long way!  

I will have to figure out how to train both for hypertrophy and for mountain biking, which due to cardio demands will be difficult and I will explain the plan of attack in more detail in a later blog.  

I hope you follow me on my journey and below you will find all the links to follow me on my adventures on this wild ride we call life.